Catholic Answers Apologetics Tracts

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Pillar Of Fire, Pillar Of Truth

Eastern Orthodoxy

The Great Heresies

Myths and Misperceptions About Catholicism

Myths About Indulgences

Primer On Indulgences

The Inquisition

Catholic Inventions

More Catholic Inventions

Anti-Catholic Whoppers

The Anti-Catholic Bible

Priesthood/Holy Orders

Celibacy And The Priesthood

Women And The Priesthood

Bishop, Priest and Deacon

Call No Man “Father”

The Mass and The Eucharist

The Institution Of The Mass

The Sacrifice Of The Mass

Who Can Receive Communion?

Christ In The Eucharist

The Real Presence

Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Confirmation, Matrimony and Anointing Of The Sick


Born Again In Baptism

Baptismal Grace

Baptism: Immersion Only?

Early Teachings On Infant Baptism

Infant Baptism

Forgiveness of Sins

         Confession To A Priest


The Permanence of Matrimony

Anointing Of The Sick