I’m just your normal every day Catholic, wanting to share my faith with anyone who will look or listen, and with God’s help I will do so to the best of my ability.

To that end, I have decided that I will, on occasion, put up posts that I think reflect the teachings of the Church and jot down some of my own thoughts for your consideration.

BTW – If, for some reason (Like I die or become completely incapacitated) I am not able to renew my “catholicme.com” web address, and you would like to access the site, you can use rightbill.wordpress.com or  thecatholicme.wordpress.com to get here. I’m hoping not to die too soon, but that’s not up to me. 🙂 

God Bless…



4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi from New Zealand. I use your site every day, mainly to say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and use the prayers page. For which I thank you very much. I also have used the Come Pray the Rosary .org site for several years but have been unable to access the page this past week. A Google search says it is no longer available. Instead I found it on YouTube, but it is of inferior quality both in sound and pictures, the latter being unclear and not colored Is this permanent?
    Thank you for your ministry on the internet…..
    Judith Norton.

    • Hi Judith,

      Thank you for the kind words and the heads up. It looks like the site has been taken down (not my site, I just point to it), which is unfortunate because I really love it. I have the audio files in mp3 format (not perfect) which I have on my i-Phone. I can put those up here, but, as I said, they are audio only and somewhat flawed.

      I will look around for another (similar) site. If I find one, I will point to it here.

      God Bless You…

      Bill K.

      • rightbill said:

        Hi again, Judith,

        Well, it looks like the site is back up again. They must have been having some difficulties. Just in case, I am putting links to the Come Pray The Rosary videos. Not their Youtube channel, the mysteries are each on separate videos, so I have figured a way to group all of the like mysteries (Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous) together in one video presentation for each group of mysteries.

        I hope this is helpful to you..

        God Bless You,

        Bill K.

  2. I sincerely wish you every blessing in your endeavour to share your Christian faith. Take great care and above all God bless.

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