She was heavily into new age. She learned about “safe sex” in school from Planned Parenthood. She practiced what she learned in school from Planned Parenthood. She had three abortions. She went to work for Planned Parenthood. She was a drug addict. She lived on the streets. She was ridden with guilt and confusion.

And then…

The Catholic Me

Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, says of the book TRANSFIGURED: “Are you ready for one of the most powerful conversion stories ever written? I couldn’t put this book down! . . .This story is made for the big screen. It’s that incredible.” Endorsed by Archbishop Salvatore Cordilieone and Bishop Michael Barber, TRANSFIGURED is a game-changer for our culture and our world today.

Patricia Sandoval has a life story that is saving lives and healing souls around the globe. Her story of three abortions, work behind the hidden doors of Planned Parenthood, where they told her not to tell a soul what she witnessed, followed by nearly three years as a homeless drug addict, is a testament to the saving love and mercy of Jesus Christ. The half-hour broadcast television version of this video will soon be available on DVD through Patricia is an international pro-life and chastity speaker in…

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