The vision of the Fatima children of Hell…

The Catholic Me

Yes, Hell is real. Yes, there are a LOT of people there! No, being a “nice person” will not keep you out of Hell. No, you really DO NOT want to go there. No, you really Do Not want your loved ones to go there. No, you really DO NOT want ANYONE to go there.

Pray the Rosary EVERY DAY! Not just for yourself, but for EVERYONE!!!

Sermon on the 3rd vision that the 3 kids in Fatima was shown by Our Blessed Mother regarding the vision of Hell. Review of the evidence for the miracle of Fatima. The first (vision of hell) and second (persecution and famine) apparition instructions. Devotion to the Immaculate Heart. What will happen if these instructions are not followed. The vision of Hell was shown to children. We should not hide the truth of Hell: modernist excuses to ignore Hell. Scripture and Tradition: Mark, chap…

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