The Catholic Me

Being raised Catholic does not make us practicing Catholics. You can pray a lot. You can say the Rosary every day. You can ask the intercession of the Saints. You can keep the commandments to the best of your ability. You can be a ‘nice person’. You can do all kinds of things that any ‘good Catholic’ would do, but if you aren’t doing these five things, you cannot receive The Eucharist.

So, what makes a Catholic a practicing Catholic? What is the bare minimum we must do to be able to receive Holy Communion?

Fr. Mike tells us exactly what we have to do, and it’s not that difficult.

It may be difficult to tell a non-practicing Catholic that he or she can’t receive ​C​ommunion, but—as Fr. Mike Schmitz proves in this video—in the big picture​, ​​you would actually be helping the person. While telling an awe-inspiring story about…

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