Greetings Gentle Reader!

I am in the process of duplicating this site in anticipation of (1) Dying someday and not being around to maintain my ownership of the “thecatholicme.com” domain, (2) Not wanting to pay the fees to maintain the name, even before I die or (3) Not being able to pay the fees or keep up the site before I die and having it revert back to “rightbill.wordpress.com”. (I had thought about just letting it revert back to “rightbill.wordpress.com”, but then I thought, “that just doesn’t seem right, Bill.)

The new URL is “thecatholicme.wordpress.com“, and is up and running as of right now.  If you would like to continue following this blog, you might want to re-follow at the new site. I manually moved the links, so they are in tact. And I cleaned up some of them with broken links (no guaranty I got them all :-)).

I will be doing double duty duplicating all of my posts, etc., for awhile (probably at least until my renewal time comes around, anyway), but eventually I hope that everybody will start using the new site and letting this one go. I won’t delete it (especially if I’m dead), but I will stop updating it.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know so you’re not shocked to find that nothing new is happening here and I haven’t let you know where to go if you want to continue checking in.

Thanks for hanging in with me this far. 🙂

God Bless…

PS – Here’s a screen shot of the new site. Just click on it to take a look:

new home