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That’s a big one. Many Protestants (Most? All?) do not believe in Purgatory, largely because the word is not present in the Bible. “If Jesus didn’t say it, I don’t believe it,” is the reasoning behind the disdain for much of Catholic teaching.

We would do well to remember that “nothing unclean shall enter the kingdom of Heaven.” Rev 21:27 How many of us are pristine when we die? If I were to die right now, I wouldn’t be completely clean. I need some sprucing up.

If I go directly to Heaven, I don’t need cleaning. If I go to Hell, that becomes my permanent residence and no amount of cleaning is going to get me out. What’s left?

Did Jesus really not say anything about Purgatory? Not at all. While He never said the word “Purgatory”, He certainly described it…

There are two Bible passages where Jesus taught the reality of purgatory: Matthew 5:25-26 and Matthew 12:32.


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