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Sorry, I’m about to let off some steam. I had an exchange with someone close to me regarding abortion and the conscience of Catholic voters.

What is this person saying?

MY biggest concern about the anti abortion cause is that a child’s life doesn’t end at birth, it begins. Where is the movement when children become homeless? What about ensuring clean air, water, and soil for the child to have surrounding him/her? Food, clothing, shelter, medical, dental and, more than likely needed, mental health care? These are issues LEFT off the table with many “pro-life” politicians. They’ll only say words but provide no evidence of really having a belief in the child.
Oh, and what about the child’s mother? Oh, let’s punish her for being so stupid as to be raped or condemn her for falling for the wrong guy.


1 – A child’s life doesn’t begin at birth. It begins at conception. All of science confirms this. And it’s not the candidate, it’s the platform. I am not voting for a person, I’m voting for LIFE. Any vote against that cause is a vote for the murder of a helpless person (millions of them, actually – about 60 million of them in the US over the last 50 + years alone!). And that vote carries with it the responsibility for that person’s death.

There is no way to explain our support of murder to Jesus when we stand before him in judgement. He won’t accept any excuses – we killed those babies. Period.

2 – All of the things you mention above will not matter to God. We have no way to know how any child born under any circumstances will turn out. God does. There are untold numbers of people who were born under the circumstances you name above, and have become great. We have no way to tell who the next great one will be. To quote St. Mother Teresa when she was asked by Hillary Clinton, “Why do you think we have never had a woman president?”, “You probably aborted her.” And we killed them with our votes just as surely as someone else killed them with their hands. We are culpable. We played a part. We tore apart limb for limb. With our votes.

Homeless? There are thousands of organizations to assist those people. Clean air/water and soil? What does it matter if your dead? While those things are important, they do not trump LIFE. You don’t clean up the environment by murdering defenseless people.

And what about the thousands of couples who cannot have a child who wish to adopt? There are not enough babies to go around. And, by the way, why does it cost $40,000.00 to adopt a child and only $400.00 to about one?

And, as an aside, we need to remember that Jesus said that the poor would always be with us. There’s a reason for that – it gives us a chance to do God’s work, show God’s love. Be his hands voice, feet:


We. Us. You. Me. Ourselves. We need to be involved ourselves. Don’t leave it for someone else to do.

3 – What about the child’s mother? Now we are down to the real issue. The convenience of the mother. There are lots of support agencies for her. Pregnancy centers, etc..

The real issue, here, is why punish the child for the mistakes of the mother? Why punish the child for the violence of the father? The child didn’t do anything to put himself there – the parents did.

OK. End of rant.