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While listening to the Terry and Jesse show this morning, they talked about a way to fight the evil of terrorism that each of us can participate in. It doesn’t involve anything more than the praying of two prayers each day, and takes only a few seconds to accomplish. They also pointed to the website where these prayers can be found and the background behind them explained. It’s worth the two minutes needed to go to and read.

Here’s the site:  http://legionsofangels.net/

Here are the prayers…

Prayer number one:

My Guardian Angel,
I send you to the throne of Almighty God.  Please petition Him to send legions of Angels to terrorists throughout the world to drive Satan and his fallen angels out of their lives forever.

Thank you my Holy Protector,


Prayer number two:

All loving God,
I pray for the terrorists throughout the world.  May they have a softening of their hearts and conversion of their soul to You.
I pray for justice in myself and in all mankind.

Thank you dear God,