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This morning, as part of the national protest of Planned Parenthood, I took part in a protest outside a Planned Parenthood facility in Fresno, CA. We displayed signs, prayed the Rosary and discussed various related topics among ourselves. A few trained councilors engaged the few people headed into the facility.

Several drivers acknowledged our efforts in one way or another (supporting or opposing) as they drove by. 

One of these drivers, a young woman, actually stopped in front of some of us and addressed us directly, asking if we have private health insurance. She was very courteous and not contentious in her question and in her response when we all answered in the affirmative.

Her response to us was that she also has private insurance, but many people don’t and depend on Planned Parenthood to supply much needed medical services regarding cancer and a few other things. She then asked, again courteously, why we would want to deprive needy people of these services.

Unfortunately, she didn’t wait for an answer this time but drove off.

While there could have been a lot of answers to her statements and question (which I won’t go into here), something occurred to me as she was headed down the street.

While she (in appearance, at least) may have raised some good points regarding other “services” provided, it occurs to me that those “services”, while important (if they existed and did not harm the patient), don’t mean anything if you were never born to begin with.

And Planned Parenthood derives the vast bulk of their income by trying to make sure that birth never happens.