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Our Protestant brothers and sisters often fail to look back at early Church history when claiming that the Church somehow went off track early on. These early Church ‘errors’, according to some, were corrected some 1500 years later at the time of the Reformation.

The following is a list of questions which may help clear up matters…

Protestants imagine that no community has maintained this true continuity with the early Church. If that is so, I wonder what year the original community founded by Jesus failed and lost its essence? What contemporary writers note this event? A year before this event then, would the Catholic Church have been the proper Church? If it failed right away, what writers in the first 1,000 years of Christian history write about this or why isn’t it noted in the New Testament? And, how did the Church operate before 367 AD, which is the first time any Church Father ever listed the exact same New Testament canon contents that we have today?

Do Protestants have compelling answers to these questions? Or are Protestants who engage with these questions, by the grace of God, future Catholics?

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