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Jesus is without sin. As such, He obeys all of the Ten Commandments perfectly.

To obey all of the commandments perfectly, He honors His Father and mother perfectly.

Mary is the Mother of Jesus. Jesus loved and honored Mary perfectly.

He remained obedient to His mother perfectly.

The Body of Christ on Earth is the Church.

The Church is called to love, honor and obey Mary.

What does Mary tell the Church to do? “Do whatever He tells you.”

We are members of the Body of Christ, the Church. Again, the Church is the Body of Christ on earth.

Mary is the Mother of Christ and, therefore, the mother of the Church. 

Christ honors his mother perfectly because He obeys the commandments perfectly because He is without sin perfectly.

As members of the Body of Christ, imperfect as we are, should we not strive for perfection in our honor of our mother, Mary?