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I received an email from my sister today. It’s pretty amazing… 

My friend Ann, my daughter’s almost mother-in-law, has had Stage 4 cancer for the last five years.  She was determined to live long enough to see her son graduate high school.  The two of them were even interviewed for the news because of their story of pure will   (http://www.kcra.com/news/high-school-playbook/mothers-will-to-live-mirrors-sons-will-to-succeed/26331054#!02wBT )

Well, I BELIEVE between the prayers I’ve requested through all of you, my FB family, and the variety of novenas to countless saints from myself, she received news from the doctor yesterday that Heaven has answered everything.  Her cancer is GONE!  Yes, GONE!  AMEN & HALLELUJA!!!

PRAISE GOD!!!!!  Maybe you can join me and say a quick “THANK YOU!” to our Heavenly Host for this pure miracle!