Yesterday, 1/25/2014, was the anual Walk For Life in San Francisco. It was awesome! There were many great speakers at the rally. Actresses, former Planned Parenthood workers, agnostics/atheists and many others. Two who really stand out to me. 

Monica Lynne Snyder, an agnostic, spoke powerfully about why abortion is not just a religious issue, but a secular, scientific issue. She was magnificent. Secular Pro-Life is an organization of agnostics, atheists and other non-religious people

If you need secular arguments against abortion, go to

You can watch the entire EWTN presentation in the video below. Monica Lynne Snyder’s talk begins at the 1:20:00 point in the video. 

Following Monica Snyder, beginning at about 1:30:00, is Sheri Rigby, actress from October Baby. Wow…