Can the Church exist without the Bible? Can the Bible exist without the Church?

Where did the Church come from? Where did the Bible come from?

Did the Catholic Church add books to the Bible?

Did the first Christians read the Bible?

How are we to know that we are interpreting the Bible correctly when we read it? What is the authority behind our understanding Sacred Scripture?

How do we know which books are supposed to be included in the cannon of the Bible? Who decided that?

What was the Council of Rome in the year 382 AD? What about the Council of Hippo in 392 AD? And the Council of Carthage in 397 AD?

Did the Catholic Church burn copies of the Bible? If so, why would they do that? If not, why do some people believe that to be the case? Did anybody else ever burn copies of the Bible? What was the Murderer’s Bible?

A really good presentation on this by John Martinoni. You can find more here…