“God does not come in the thunder, but in the April breeze. Because He does not shout but only whispers, the soul must be careful not to neglect the visitation….To the eyes of faith, only two classes of people exist: those who say yes to God and those who say no to him.” Venerable Fulton Sheen

When has God ever screamed at me? Never, as far as I can recall. He has moved me. He has guided me. He has inspired me. He has consoled me. He has made me joyful. He has made me wonder. He has lifted me when I have fallen. He has forgiven me.

He has given me freedom to accept or reject Him. He has never forced me to do or believe anything.

He has done all of these things quietly. He has moved me along with gentle nudges.

In the silence of His creation He has made himself known to me…