The Veil of Chastity

My posts over the last several weeks addressed Myths that singles must resist:

1. Setting the Stage

2. Myth #1:Others are getting away with sin/sex is consequence free

3. Myth #2 Part 1:God has forgotten about me and Myth #2 Part 2:  A Perspective on Suffering

Today’s topic is Myth #3: Something Is Wrong With Me

Blessed Repeated Rejection

This myth will be the most rewarding one for me to bust because it is the myth that tormented me the most as a single girl.  Because I was single for so long, I naturally came to believe that something was wrong with me.  I mean, what was with all the repeated rejection?  I could only find one common denominator in all those failed relationships: me.

I will share with you a detail about my life to prove to you that I understand rejection.  I…

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