Fr. Pavone hits the nail on the head.. Catholics who vote to support abortion rights cannot be called “Catholic” in the real sense.

And they cannot receive communion. To receive the Eucharist implies that you accept all of the teachings of the Catholic Church. Catholics who support abortion obviously do not accept the teachings of the Church.

What if a candidate supported terrorism? Would citizens say, “Well, I disagree with you on terrorism,  but what’s your health care plan? Maybe we can work together on some social programs. After all, terrorism isn’t the only issue.”

The parallel, of course, is abortion. “Typically, the skull is brought out in fragments rather than as a unified piece” (Baby-killer Martin Haskell, in 1999 Court testimony in Wisconsin, regarding legal abortion). How can anyone make the case that this skull-cracking, which is still legal, is less violent than terrorism? How can anyone make the case that we can tolerate it while we work with the candidate on “social” programs? The heart of what is “social” is that it respects the other person – and that means not cracking their skull. We fight terrorism, and rightly so. But when we allow abortion at the same time, the evil we fight becomes merely a reflection of the evil we do.

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