…This acknowledges that people have a right to emigrate in order to procure a better life for themselves and their families. The role of government is to enable this to happen in an orderly, fair, and safe way. This stems from the concept of “distributive justice.”

States therefore must implement a reasonable plan for peaceful assimilation. To do this they have the right to establish quotas based on a country’s capacity to sustain the new residents as well as the host country’s needs, and some assurance that the incoming alien can be self-supporting. Illegal immigration bypasses all of these safeguards. It endangers established civil society and for that matter the illegal aliens themselves.

In an era wrought with terrorist threats, in cities overwhelmed by illicit drug trafficking, human trafficking, the exploitation of undocumented workers by unscrupulous employers, and the drain illegal aliens put on social services, civil authorities are compelled to uphold the rule of law for the common good.

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