A week into the whirlwind sown by a NY Times article that traveled around the world before accuracy, fairness or balance could get their pants on, Cardinal William J. Levada, the pope’s successor as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has written a long and rather stunning reply to the Times, in which he writes very personally.

Rocco Palma, who reproduces the entire piece at his site, writes that in all the coverage and defense of the Pope you may have read, “you’ve seen nothing like this.

It is rather easy for a news vessel as large and powerful as the NY Times to smear and “take down” a public figure. All it takes is a few headlines and a thousand well (or poorly) crafted words; it takes many thousands of words to fairly defend the public figure and and bring clarity to the story, itself, once those headlines have been fired off.

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