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Dear CatholicVote Member, 

See the picture to the right?

That building is Planned Parenthood’s newest abortion “super center” opened last month in Houston, Texas, and is the largest abortion facility in the western hemisphere. The massive 78,000 square foot facility also includes a surgical wing to provide late-term abortions.

Why is this significant?

Because if President Obama’s healthcare bill passes, your tax dollars could help fund this “community health center” and others like it.

President Obama has set March 18 as the date for a final House vote on the Senate pro-abortion healthcare bill. Speaker Pelosi is giving pro-life Democrats and Republicans no chance to amend the pro-abortion Senate healthcare plan. It’s take it or leave it.

In addition to other loopholes, their plan includes as much as $11 billion over 5 years for “community health centers” including Planned Parenthood clinics like the one in Houston.

Enter the Stupak 12

Rep. Bart Stupak and a coalition of pro-life Democrats are now standing in the way. These courageous representatives have vowed to vote against any legislation that does not explicitly exclude taxpayer funding for abortion providers, or insurance companies that provide abortion.

Without these votes, the healthcare “reform” legislation might not pass.

CatholicVote is working feverishly to stop this legislation from going forward. We were told yesterday that the pressure being placed on these pro-life representatives is overwhelming.

They are hearing from their pro-abortion colleagues and pro-abortion groups that stand to profit from this legislation.

But have they heard from you?

Can you place at least 2 calls to any of the representatives listed below?

Tell them that millions of people are counting on them to do the right thing. Tell them to stand strong. And tell them you will support them in any way you can.

Finally, tell them you are praying for them. Let’s make sure they hear from the Catholic vote.


Brian Burch, President

There are no restrictions in the Senate bill on how the money for Community Health Centers can be spent. As Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius would be empowered to funnel cash to organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Is this the kind of healthcare reform that you want?

Here is a partial list of those who need to hear from you:

Jerry Costello (IL)
(618) 233-8026
(202) 225-5661

Kathy Dahlkemper (PA)
(814) 456-2038
(202) 225-5406

Joe Donnelly (IN)
(574) 288-2780
(202) 225-3915

Steve Driehaus (OH)

(513) 684-2723
(202) 225-2216

Brad Ellsworth (IN)
(812) 465-6484
(202) 225-4636

Marcy Kaptur (OH)
(419) 259-7500
(202) 225-4146

Dale Kildee (MI)
(810) 239-1437
(202) 225-3611

Jim Oberstar (MN)
(218) 727-7474
(202) 225-6211

Charlie Wilson (OH)
(740) 376-0868
(202) 225-5705

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