Novena for Our Nation Seeks Mary’s Aid for America – National Catholic Register



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If ever there was a time for American Catholics, and Christians in general, to come together to the aid of our country, THIS IS THE TIME!!! The American nation and our Christian faith are both under attack and our best weapon is the Rosary.

Are you familiar with the Battle of Lapanto? Read about it. The Rosary did it.

In the Rosary, we have an assault weapon with a fifty round clip.” Fr. William Casey


Millions of Americans witness how, in the wake of the 2015 Obergefell decision that legalized same-sex “marriage,” congressional and state legislation, executive actions and court rulings conflict increasingly with God’s laws on marriage and family values. Since the enshrinement of Roe v. Wade into law in 1973 and the enactment of subsequent state laws to allow for assisted suicide, unborn children and the elderly and weak are under attack like no other time in U.S. history.

And now, an acrimonious presidential campaign has exacerbated the differences among Americans, leaving many with seemingly nowhere to turn.

A Wisconsin priest offers an answer…

The “54-Day Rosary Novena” will begin on Aug. 15, the Solemnity of the Assumption. The faithful are asked to pray daily for the nation to return to holiness, through the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on Oct. 7.


Click here to read the entire article, and get more information on how to participate…

Night FlagPray for America…

An Excellent Tour of The Catechism of The Catholic Church




New page on the site.

This is an excellent video series presenting an overview of the Catechism of The Catholic Church. If you have not studied the Catechism (and really, how many of us have?) this is a great way to get an introduction.

Fr. Mahan has provided an introduction for each segment and a description of the topic covered in the section.

If you have any questions on Catholic teaching, this may be a good place to start!

For an online version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, click on the link below.


Fr. Hugh Thwaites, SJ: An Anglican Who Became a Catholic – The Journey Home


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This is another great conversion story. If you have never seen “The Journey Home” on EWTN, it’s well worth a look see.

Father Thwaites describes his journey from being a Christian Scientist to the Church of England and his eventual entry into the Catholic Church. Father Thwaites spent three years in a Japanese POW camp during World War II. Nine years after this broadcast Father went to his eternal reward on August 21, 2012 at the age of 95.

The book Fr. Thwaites talks about is “One Lord, One Faith” by Vernon Johnson.



More on the Eucharistic Miracles in Sokolka, Buenos Aires and Lanciano


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And an interesting take on how they may affect evolutionary theory.

According to Tesoriero, by one of the examining scientist’s own admission, the documented findings should send ripples through the scientific community. 

Zugibe had said: “The heart of the person from which this tissue has come has been injured and has suffered trauma. … This is the sort of injury I see in cases where someone has been beaten severely around the chest. … The sample shows evidence of having come from a living person, not a dead person.” When he learned the source of the sample, and that it had been kept in water for three years, he said there was no way to explain that scientifically. 

Click here to Read the whole story…

And click here to go to the Eucharist page…

Same-sex marriage is a form of iconoclasm

Again, there is no chance that the Catholic Church will embrace same sex marriage. Those who believe that She will do not understand the Catholic Church or authentic Christianity.

Everybody's daughter

God designed marriage and the family as a reflection of the Most Holy Trinity and the Holy Family. Advocating for marriage to be something other than one man, one woman, for life is to advocate for a new sort of iconoclasm. Ultimately, it destroys the historical Christian icon of the family replaces it with something new. This:

holy family

becomes this:


I found the second image by going to Google Images and searching for “gay nativity.” There are so many things wrong with that image, and I hope to blog about those details another time. But just to whet your appetite: the theological implications of two Christs (or three, if we include the original configuration); using marriage to segregate the sexes; the abolition of sexual sin; the enshrinement of sexual sin; undermining the divinity of Christ; the abolition of sex differences; the abolition of Mary, Mother of God; the child as chattel and…

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Another thing I love about being Catholic

It’s all done for us. We don’t have to figure it out for ourselves…

Everybody's daughter

Here’s another thing I love about being Catholic: all the heavy lifting has been done for me. I am not responsible for establishing the faith, I am not responsible for interpreting the Bible for myself or anybody else, and I am not responsible for determining what constitutes the Bible. This is because there is a Deposit of Faith that was “once delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). It can be summed up thusly by Jesus himself: “My doctrine is not mine, but him who sent me.” (John 7:16).

EWTN has a great summary of this Deposit. I added hyperlinks to the scripture references:

“St. Paul uses the Greek word ‘paratheke,’ ‘deposit,’ meaning something precious entrusted to a depositary for safekeeping. He means by it not an inert object like gold or diamonds or a sum placed in the trust department of a bank, but a living body of doctrine. O…

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How Not To Respond To A Comment Or Post On This Page

Dear Sentient Christian,

I think you may have missed this…

God Bless You.

The Catholic Me...

While I certainly welcome comments from anyone who wants to say their piece, I request that any dissenting remarks be made with something other than a Jack Chickian or Loraine Boettnerian method of logic and evidence supporting the views of the person submitting them.

Normally, I would simply moderate these comments out of existence. However, I have decided to share an example of what doesn’t work here, just so you have an opportunity to know where not to go in the future. 

I have taken out the identity of the author of the responding comment, as well as the identity of the author of the original comment (and its content).

I have also decided that I will hold my own comments to short requests for evidence backing up the commenter’s statements.


In reply to (Original Commenter’s Name Here).

They are NOT one and the same at all.

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I Am With You Always Even Unto The Close Of The Age – Mt 28:20


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The Catholic Church…

For 2000 years we have endured hostility, persecution, schism and sin. Kings, nations, armies, sects and hoards have tried to bring us down.

And yet we are still here.

We have been accused of idolatry, Satan worship, cannibalism and a hundred other horrible things.

But we are still here.

We have had bad popes, bishops, clergy and religious. There have been Catholics who were murderers, adulterers, fornicators and committers of every other brand of sin and corruption. Any other organization with so much ‘bad’ attributed to it would have been gone centuries ago.

And we are still here.

That, in and of itself, would be enough to convince me that the Catholic Church is the one true church instituted by Christ.

He said that “the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Mt 16:18). He said it and He meant it. And I believe it. Not to believe it would be to say the Jesus was wrong, that He made a mistake or that He lied.

Jesus was never wrong. Jesus never made a mistake. Jesus never lied. To say that He ever did any of these things is to say that He is not God. A true Christian will not and cannot do that.

Jesus is God, and God does not waver. Ever. God is perfect. Absolutely.

The Catholic Church is the Body of Christ on Earth. She has not ever changed, and never will change, doctrine. People who think that The Church will change her teaching on matters of faith and morals do not understand the Catholic Church. And a denomination which changes its teaching on such matters does not understand God and, therefor, Christ and Christianity.

The Catholic Church is not a church of convenience. It can be quite inconvenient to be a Catholic. When someone leaves the Catholic Church, it is often a departure of convenience. They don’t like this teaching or that teaching or the Mass or because somebody made them mad. It doesn’t fit their idea of what Christianity should be, and their idea of Christianity is that it should conform to their own thoughts, lifestyle, tastes or wishes.

God is not here to cater to our whims. We are here to serve Him. And serving God is not often convenient. It requires love and love requires sacrifice. To expect God to go along with our ideas of truth is the opposite of love – it is selfishness and the refusal to accept sacrifice. It puts the focus on us rather than on Him.

God will not be bent to our desires, we must embrace His.

God doesn’t need us – we need Him.

And because the Catholic Church is not in it for itself, she will continue to maintain her doctrines and dogmas. The number of faithful may shrink. She may become more persecuted. She may even disappear from some places.

But she will continue to exist on Earth until the close of the age, and she will do it while not changing her teachings.


How Planned Parenthood Came Up With The 3% Claim


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Planned Parenthood claims that abortions are only 3% of their business. This video shows how deceptive that claim is. As an example of how ridiculous the 3% claim is, the video demonstrates that the NFL is actually a hot dog business rather than a sports business by using the same method of calculation that PP uses.

Good video.


Prayers For The Un-prayed For Dead


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I would like to jot down some thoughts on the subject of praying for the dead. What has prompted this post is the response from the local community to a tragic accident here which claimed the life of a twenty year old woman, and left (at last report) her twenty year old passenger in critical condition.
I have been praying for these two young women and I would ask that you consider uttering a word of prayer for them also. Dozens of people are praying for the families of the victims, and for the (so far) survivor. However, no one has mentioned praying for the young woman who died, and this is what has moved me to write.

Each day I pray for the souls who may be in Purgatory (specific family members, friends and prayer requests) and also for those who have no one else to pray for them. I think that there must be a lot of souls there who have been forgotten by their families, or who may not have any loved ones or friends left to pray for them.

Or, perhaps, they don’t believe in Purgatory in the first place.

Matthew tells us that whoever “speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come” (12:32). This would seem to indicate that there is some sort of “forgiveness” or “second chance” after death, but we know that once we die we cannot change our lives (repent).

So what is this “forgiveness” in the next life? It’s not so much “forgiveness” as it is a purification. In 1 Cor, Paul tells us that if someone “builds on the  foundation of Christ using gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay or straw, the work of each will come to light, for the Day will disclose it. It will be revealed with fire and the fire will test the quality of each one’s work. If the work stands that someone built upon the foundation, that person will receive a wage. But if someone’s work is burned up, that one will suffer loss; the person will be saved, but only as through fire” (1Cor 3:12 – 15). The wood, hay and straw are burned away, leaving only the gold, silver and precious stones, purified.


The Book of Revelation tells us that “nothing unclean will enter Heaven” (Rev 21:27) and Hebrews tells us of “the spirits of the just made perfect” (Heb 12:23). Heaven and imperfection are not compatible. God and imperfection are not compatible. Purgatory is a place of purification which enables a soul to become perfected and, therefore, enabled to become “a partaker of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4).

While there may be people who, when their time on Earth is over, go straight to Heaven, I suspect that many, if not most, of us stop over in Purgatory on the way. I think that very few of us die in a state of perfection and, therefor, require some “cleanup” before we can enter through the pearly gates.

Of course, there is no way to know the state of a person’s soul when they die (or at any other time), but I believe that it is an act of charity (love) and hope to pray for the repose of their soul. A soul cannot pray for itself after death, but we can pray for them. And we can offer our own suffering as a prayer for them (and each other) (see Colossians 1:24).

And we should, particularly for those for whom no one else is praying.